How to make your submission for Plan Change 19

Mackenzie District Council have published proposed NEW District Plan RULES for ‘Waterbodies in the Mackenzie’ called Plan Change 19 (PC19).   The proposed new policies and rules apply to all the lakes and rivers in the Mackenzie, and the most crucial change for Quiet Zone Supporters are the new rules which propose to PROHIBIT motorised craft on Lake Pukaki. 


The Council is seeking your feedback so they can make decisions on the new rules.  Here is the link to their website and the plan change documents: Link to Mackenzie District Council Plan Change 19 Consultation Documents 


If the preservation of Lake Pukaki is important to you,  please make a submission in support of the new rules for Lake Pukaki.  Your completed submissions can be emailed to with the following subject line: FORM 5 SUBMISSION ON PLAN CHANGE 19.

Remember, your submission must be received on or before Friday 9 March 2018.

A number of people have asked for help with making a submission.  Council require your submission to be made on Form 5 but If you are not used to 'Council Speak', we have put together a simple FORM 5 which you can download and edit for your submission.

On page 2 of this form where it says ' My Submission', tell the Council why you think motorised craft should be prohibited on Lake Pukaki.  Your statements can be personal, environmental, global, or anything that says 'this is why the new rules are justified'.  Your justifications for preserving the lake 'as it is' may be related to your childhood growing up, or visiting the lakes on a one'off trip, or maybe you are concerned about the numbers of tourists coming to the Mackenzie and the effects this could have if tourism is not managed sustainably.    NOTE: PC19 includes all the rivers and lakes in the Mackenzie and you may wish to also talk about other lakes.

If you would like to make a more substantial submission, please look at the explanations that outline why we feel that the Council has an obligation to prohibit motorised craft on Lake Pukaki.  You can use these in your submission but it is important that you use your own words.

Some people won’t like these changes and it is important that you let Council know your views on the need for rule changes that provide the highest level of protection for Lake Pukaki.